offers you, your prints via the Internet. You do not have to go out anywhere.
Before you will make an order, please make sure that your photos are properly prepared. There is a guide below.

To order prints, you have to send them to our studio via email ( Pack all your photos into one or more ZIP packages by using free software "7-zip". ( If single ZIP package weight is bigger than 25mb, then you should split it for two or more and please send it in another e-mail. Our employee will contact with you to confirm an order.

Most of digitals cameras save the photos in 3:4 ratios. However in traditional (analogue) photography the ratios are 2:3.

If your photos are in 3:4 ratios, we have four options.

This option is used in 99% of all cases. Your photo (3:4) is put on the print (2:3). In that way the picture gets cut a little at the top and the bottom.

Your photo (3:4) is fitted in the print (2:3). Whole picture is visible, but there are white stripes on its sides. This option is recommended when there is an important element at the top or the bottom of the picture.

FILL with a frame
Your photo looks exactly the same as in the FILL option, but there is a white frame (about 3mm) around it.

FIT with a frame
Whole picture is visible, as in the FIT option. Not only the stripes are on the sides but also at the top and the bottom (a bit thinner). You can also choose a 10x13 print (9,5cm x 12,7cm) although you should keep in mind that this size does not fit in most photo albums.

We would like to recommend you an easy way to crop your photos. Click here to download:(