AGFA D-LAB 1 is a fully digital machine equipped with one or two chambers loading paper. This device guarantees high quality photos and does not need a lot of space. It is both proffesional and productive. Owing to this machine has got competitive prices and very high quality of services.

Negatives: 135 F/H, IX240
Scanning technology: Digital Total Film Scanning System with the CSS system
Light application system: LCD Matrix of 1600x1200 resolution
DPI resolution on follwing sizes:
15x21 380 ppi, 20x30 260ppi
Chemical process: easy paper box 110
Paper section: Automatic paper shipment
Monitor: 17” monitor with a touchpad
Paper width: from 89 to 210mm
Prints sizes: 9x9, 9x13, 10x15, 13x18, 15x21, 203x305, 9x25, 10x305 cm